White LED Strip Lights

LED Light Strip White

Single run up to 50M
  • Single run up to 50M
  • IP67 waterproof
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Type Normal High Brightness
Color Temp. Warm White 2700K/ Day White 5700K
Dimension (mm) 5 x 8 mm/ 6 x 12mm/ 10 x 10mm
Flux (lm)/ M ( 6X12 mm) 230 lm (WW)/ 255 lm (DW) 450 lm (WW) / 510 lm (DW)
LED Chip Osram or Taiwan LED/ 3020 type/ 3014 type
Operation Voltage DC 12 / 24 V
Power (W)/ M 2.88W (20mA) 7.2W (50mA)
Max. Single Run (M)
(6 x 12 mm)
65 M 25 M
Cutting Length (cm) 16.68 cm 8.34 cm
Material PVC, Copper wire, LED, Resistor, FPC
IP Level IP67