Blade Light Series: Hepburn

Blade Light Series: Hepburn

New-tech led
  • LED Blade light series , which is truly designed by LED character rather than following the traditional lamps or pendants, is totally an innovative concept, a breakthrough of your imagination , and a new technical application only for LED lighting.
  • Blade light, slim like a leaf but generates uniform , gentle, bright light to create a whole new experience of LED lighting.
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Hepburn pendant is a innovation design from Xcellent team. This half-sphere suspension is around 50 cm in diameter. The unique PMMA features laser edge cut create a play of light and shadow. Ideal for use in entryways and over dining room tables as a statement piece.

Meterial:PMMA, Aluminium, Steel
Weight:1963 g
Dimensions:Ø500 x 115 mm
Light Source:72 LED Chip 3000K CRI85 25W Input:90-240V
▲ 4-stage switch Dimming


Seam Pendant provides glare-free illumination. The design of the unique PMMA ensures that allows light to playfully bounce around the fixture and enables light not only goes on the surface, but also emits gentle illumination. The Sean series are also available in ceiling and floor to fulfill your needs.


A curve shaped pendant that is so elegant, become a unique combination of freedom and joy. This is Mods, the table lamp reflect the light from LED chips which then shines softened by the signature curved PMMA laser engraved with geometric pattern.elegant and energy.Mods pendant is a curve, geometric hanging lamp, composed of pattern laser engraved PMMA and sharp shaped heatsink. The PMMA’s unusual shape diffuses the light uniformly over the entire surface, while a 4 step on/off dimmer