Blade Light

Blade Light Series:Cuboo

New-tech led
  • LED Blade light series , which is truly designed by LED character rather than following the traditional lamps or pendants, is totally an innovative concept, a breakthrough of your imagination , and a new technical application only for LED lighting.
  • Blade light, slim like a leaf but generates uniform , gentle, bright light to create a whole new experience of LED lighting.
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The idea of the Cuboo is inspired by a bamboo. The wood-imitation part is likened to the creature and the light is likened to the sunshine. An asymmetrical frame, representing a nature showcase, is capturing the beauty of nature.

Meterial:PMMA, ABS
Weight:490 g
Dimensions:215 x 230 x 32-50 mm
Light Source:9 LED Chip 3000K/ CRI85/ 4.5W
▲Full Range Dimmer
X-pure is an elegance dimmable table lamp. The white anti-fingerprint plastic cover builds perfect outward appearance to the lamp. A gear wheel mounting at the base of the device enables users to switch the brightness easily.

LED Blade Light Series:SingleBlade

SingleBlade is a LED Dimmable Table Lamp. A simple, modern, and beautiful form that projects even illumination through its patented optical grade acrylic light diffuser. An aluminum base serves as a heat sink, reducing LED degradation due to heat. The metallic plastic base provides a stable base, and contains rechargeable batteries for added flexibility.