The lighting for the harbor terrains should be robust enough to be working in a very harsh environment: high humidity with strong, salty, and corrosive winds. It also should have better optical performance than normal light to illuminate the long distance or narrow areas. Meanwhile, the duty of harbor lighting usually is heavy, it should be sustainable under high-level vibration and long working time.

Usually, harbor terrains are illuminated with conventional 1000W or 2000W luminaires. The most serious problem of conventional lights is they are too fragile in such a high-pressure harbor environment. So, the lights need to be changed or repaired often, which makes the maintenance cost usually high for the operation.

Our professional light series passed rigid tests to be perfect facilities in the harbor terrains including container terminals, port transfers, and others. All of them passed the anti-corrosion salty spray test, vibration test, and wind pressure test, to assure their durability and long lifespan.

With high-efficiency LED chipsets, reliable Meanwell driver, and specific strengthen material of the lamps and accessories, our strong professional light could be applied as:

  • Container crane: our lights could be working under high vibration. We offer specific models for different positions of STS or RTG crane.
  • High mast light: outstanding luminance and illuminance make the light a perfect helper for the high mast over 30meters.
  • Machine light: The strong light also could be installed on the coal unloader/ solar tower/ airport hangers/ ships or vessels.