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UVC Sterilizing Fixture

  • It can effectively kill 99.9% of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus,natural bacteria in the air, mites and other harmful substances
  • Available with two size, suitable for all kinds of applications
  • The fixture is made of high quality anti-UV ABS and high strength metal base
  • Wavelength: UVC 253.7nm
  • Compact and lightweight with integrated ballast, plug and play
  • 1.5m long input cord with integrated switch
  • Wireless remote control has 3 kinds of scene to choose, 20m away
  • 30 seconds delay switch, safety can be assured to human beings
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  • Description

ELECTRIC Power 36W 55W
Input Voltage 220 VAC, 50/60Hz
PF >0.5
Ballast Integrated electronic ballast
Insulation Class II
LIGHT SOURCE Type Twist switch in
Base 2G11
Size (φxh) 407±2.5mm*37mm 527±2.5mm*37mm
Ozone No-ozone,emission rate <0.5g/(kW·h)
Wavelength 253.7nm
Strength(1m away ) 120μW/cm2 180μW/cm2
Beam Angle 360º
MECHANICAL Housing Material ABS+ Metal
OTHER Remote Control 3 settings:Kitchen 1 5 min 、Bedroom 30min 、Living Room 60min
Delay switch 30 seconds
Warranty 1 year
Working Temperature -10 - +45℃
Storage Temperature -20 - +80℃